Recommended Reading

Below are a list of books I would highly recommend checking out. I will add to this list and reorganize as it grows.

Have a great suggestion? Send it my way in via the Contact page!

Leadership Books

The Energy Bus: What a great intro for a first time supervisor or manager (not a bad reminder for some of us tenured folks either). Getting everyone bought into your vision, understanding it, and fully committed to the ride is a fundamental to leadership that this book approaches in an easy to read format that will get even the most reluctant reader to fly through with ease.

Sales Books

Sales Dogs: Have employees just getting started in sales? Is it a combo sales/service gig? Is it retail? Customer service with a sales aspect like waiting tables? This book is great for people just getting into sales that have one stereotype in their head of pushy or over the top TV characterizations that give salespeople bad reputations. This book is a decent intro to the nuances of sales personalities to get them started.

Personal Development Books

Water the Bamboo: It’s not an unusual feeling to start on a new skill or ability and fail early. We either don’t see the progress we desire or our motivation flags as fast as it was ignited. Water the Bamboo covers a philosophy of personal and team development mirroring that of the Giant Timber bamboo, which needs to be watered for up to three years before exploding up out of the ground to grow upward of 90 feet in just 60 days! Read Greg Bell’s complete work for the details.






The Power Of Habit: It’s easy to think that the best athletes, artists, and top performers are just born with natural talent that makes them head and shoulders better than everyone else. It makes the rest of us feel good about ourselves. But if you want to know the truth, what most of these top performers have done is the regulate their activities to guarantee they put in the work they need to. Their secret weapon? Habit.