Want to Succeed? Stop Relying on Motivation.

There is a saying “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you keeps you going.” This quote is attributed to Jim Rohn, an author and motivational speaker. I will be honest in that I have not read much of Jim Rohn’s work, nor have I heard him speak, but this does not stop me from being a fervent believer in that simple declaration.
It’s easy to do. You see someone who is in better shape than you. Or is younger than you but more accomplished. Or is admired by someone who you wish spent more time admiring you… Whatever is causing it, we all know that feeling of deep-seated motivation that would cause us to run through a wall. We make all kinds of grandiose declarations to friends and families about the changes we are going to make and the work we are going to put in. We daydream about the results we are going to see from our extra work, our self-control, and our dedication. We may even go out and spend money on items we think will help us to get there!
Unfortunately for the majority of us, the alarm clock that goes off an hour early the next morning in order to help us fulfill all of those promises does not deliver with it a does of that same energy. Often the feeling is gone, just like that. In the span of 12 – 24 hours that unstoppable drive, that incredible force, has been muted and muffled by a few short hours of sleep. Some of us manage to keep the flame alive for a while, long enough to eventually retire from our new endeavors with little to no shame. But the majority of the population never even gets that far.
It is my firm belief, that what stops us from getting where we want to be – where those intense internal passions told us we deserved to be – is a simple lack of discipline and organization, a vast majority of which can be solved through habit and routine. Did you know that Maya Angelou wrote regularly in hotel rooms to minimize her distractions? Did you know that Benjamin Franklin broke his day down into hour by hour intervals, one of which included “examination of the day”? Were you aware that Ernest Hemingway liked to stop writing in the middle of an idea so he had a fresh place to get started the next day without having to stare at the page for inspiration?
When you hit the wall – and you will hit the wall, quite violently, I promise – you need to fall back on routines and habits. That way your motivation has nothing to do with it. Your body  and mind simply behave as they believe they are supposed to. The best book I have ever read on the subject is below. Give it a look. Later you will agree that it was more than worth your time when you look back at a goal you have accomplished instead of up to where it is still hanging over you.




Disclosure: this page contains affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and make a purchase, we will receive an affiliate commission. But in all honesty, the book is damn good. I wouldn’t post about it if it wasn’t. Enjoy.

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