A Rising Tide…

This entire website is based on the premise that ideas should not be locked away in a deep dark safe within every business (or every business leader) never to see the light of day. Below is an interesting story that I believe is relevant to this mission. I stumbled across it one day when researching a potential rallying cry for my sales team as we started a new fiscal year. I believe it ties in very closely to the teamwork mentality that we need more and more in a competitive workplace and can be easily connected with an earlier post Success Is Not A Zero Sum Game.
I’ll start off with a little history lesson, if you will  bear with me for a little while. Unfortunately, as some of you will come to know, I was an English major in college, but I also made the poor decision of adding on a History minor, so you will have to put up with some of my tangents from time to time no matter how much you may not want to…
Some of you may know that the phrase “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” is often attributed to John F. Kennedy – or, more specifically, one of his speechwriters, Ted Sorenson. However, Ted Sorenson actually stole shamelessly from a regional chamber of commerce in New England called The New England Council. Kennedy used the phrase “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” so much in his speeches however, that many thought he had coined it himself.
The idea behind the phrase seems pretty simple in terms of the economy. If the overall economy does better, then the participants in that economy should do better as well. Similarly, our goal in our workplaces is to keep the tide rising, and with it all of the individuals who contribute to the results of the entire company.
However, there are always two sides to every coin, and one of Bill Clinton’s former advisors enjoyed his own addendum to the popular phrase. He liked to say that if we do not abide by appropriate policies and procedures, “the rising tide will lift some boats, but others will run aground.” Make sure that the success in your organization does not benefit some parties while proving disastrous for others. It is easy to recognize the wins that we are seeing in our own departments or divisions without realizing that other parts of our organizations – integral parts of our organizations – are being left behind. It is not necessarily their jobs to “catch up” or to “get with the program”. Decisions do not occur in a vacuum, and as you make them within your teams, realize that they create ripples. Do not let those ripples cause your coworkers to run aground!

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