Are You Patient Enough to Be Great?

Imagine for a moment you are a farmer. Every day you tend your fields, build scarecrows to scare away birds, water your crops, and spend the majority of your waking hours working to ensure that your crop grows and develops. After all, this is what will feed you and your family. 
Imagine further, however, that for day after day you continue flowing water and sweat into the ground waiting for a sprout and nothing shows for three years!
At this point most people’s faith would have failed, and they would have moved on to something that seemed worth their time. However, for those with the faith required to cultivate Giant Timber bamboo, this is the struggle they face. This bamboo requires three years of cultivation before sprouting and exploding toward the sky to the tune of ninety feet in approximately two months!
Now, will it take you three years before all of your hard work pays off and you see potential gains in either your bank account, your skill set, or your status of work? For God’s sake, I hope not. However, the premise still applies. Too often, we begin a project, begin some kind of skill development, begin cultivating a new talent and give it up within months after failing to realize immediate life-changing results. Dedication via habit, routine, and incremental progress is what gets you where you want to be. Many people have heard the idea that it takes 10,000 hours of work at something to become an expert. Luckily, along the way, you should see improvement and signs of progress, which should encourage and motivate you. Those milestones should drive you. Look to the next milestones instead of the end goal sometimes.
My challenge to you is take some time to reflect on whether or not you spent the past year nurturing your skills, improving you day to day abilities, and working towards being better at what you do, or if you jumped from practice to practice looking for a quick fix. Results simply are not seen overnight. They take significant time and effort to begin to see the desired outcome. If you have been watering your bamboo, the results should slowly begin to show for you over the next year.
If you have not yet seen the video of Greg Bell covering this topic, then take a few moments to watch it and reflect on what you are doing to get better and improve your skills. How are you continuing your education on the sales process, your customer service skills, and your leadership capabilities?
If you are not steadily watering your bamboo, then now sounds like a good time to start.

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